About Us

SUFFOLK SHED  is a unique Metal Art studio based in rural Suffolk

We get inspiration for our work from nature and the picturesque countryside where we live, whilst bringing a touch of London's urban vibrancy to our creative process and work.

Our journey began in the heart of London where we both grew up, and that city spirit remains an integral part of our identity and look.

We craft hand-designed pieces, often taken from my own hand drawings and sketches, artwork or photos from our travels.
This approach is what sets us apart in Metal Art production as our work has a story and connection to our life.

From these designs we create our own files, then cut from steel, so any piece from us is individual and has a story

More recently we have produced a range of House Name Signs which have proved really popular. We have a variety of styles, fonts and finishes and we can customise size and design to suit your property

We also produce many one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces and private commissions, so if this is of interest do drop us a line.

We love to collaborate with you to bring your ideas to life.
A special message, a business logo, or a unique image you may like, we can work with you to turn your vision into a stunning metal art piece that's unique to you.

Metal Art makes an excellent gift too because it’s that something different, it lasts, is hand designed and adds a touch of country yet with an urban cool twist to any space.


Welcome to our world of Metal Art